Course Extension and Summer School      Course Options

  • ELA, Sci, SS, & Math failures grade 60-69                                               Round 1:

  • Dates: August 8th-12th.

  • 3:45pm-5:45pm at CHS only!

  • Deadline to register: August 4th at 12 noon. 

  • Students must attend everyday until the course has been completed.  

  • AP & IB classes are not eligible for CE.​ Round 2:

  • Start date: August 23rd.

  • 3:30pm-5:30pm at CHS only!

  • Deadline to register is August 18th at noon.

  • Students must attend every Tuesday and Thursday after school until course assignments have been completed.

  • Counselors will register students and provide the students active cell phone number & email address..

$550 per 1.0 credit; $275 per .5 credit

Offers AP, Academics plus a few academic electives

See CVA's website  for details.

$500 per 1.0 course; $250 per .5 course

Offers Electives plus academics

Summer 2021 Register now through June 9th. See GVS's website for details. 

2023 Summer School information will be provided at a later date in 2023.