The ACT and SAT are required for admission to most colleges. Students sign up online to take the ACT and/or SAT. We recommend that students begin taking the ACT and/or SAT no later than the spring semester of their junior year. Online registration information and free test preparation booklets for the ACT and SAT are available in the School Counseling office lobby. An SAT Prep class is available as a course on a first come, first served basis. Students can get other SAT/ACT prep course information in the Counseling Office.

Students who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch are eligible for 2 SAT and 2 ACT waivers. Please review this form. If any of the criteria applies to your family, please sign and either return it to the counseling office in person or email a picture of it to Mrs. Young.  

Which Test Should I Take?

ACT, SAT, or both? Most colleges require a score from either the ACT or the SAT. Students do not need to take both tests, although some students choose to take both tests. Some students do better on the SAT while others do better on the ACT. How should you choose?

  • Take a practice test! Pick up a practice test booklet for the ACT and SAT in the School Counseling office lobby. Complete the practice tests then compare your scores for each test to decide which test you should take.

  • Once you finish the practice tests, look up how your scores match up to the scores of incoming freshman at the college of your choice. You can find these scores listed on the college profiles on websites like Naviance or

  •  The ACT science section can be helpful for students with good reasoning skills.

  • If you are a slow test-taker, you might want to consider the SAT because it gives you more time to answer each question.

  • If vocabulary is not your strong suit, the ACT might be a better choice since it does not test vocabulary like the SAT does.