Recommendation Letters

Do you need a Recommendation Letter from your Counselor?


If you need a recommendation letter for college admission and/or scholarship, please click on the link of your Counselor according to your last name. PLEASE NOTE: You must give your counselor a minimum of 2 weeks notice at the completion of the survey in order to meet the deadline of the application or scholarship. Counselors canNOT commit to writing a well-thought out letter with less than two weeks time. At the completion of the survey, please email your counselor that you have completed the survey, what the letter is used for and state the deadline of the application/scholarship. 

This survey requires time and thoughtful answers. It is not something that can be completed quickly. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD!

Student Last Names: A-Con

Student Last Names: Hat-Ma

Student Last Names: Roc-Say


Student Last Names: Cook-Har

Student Last Names: Mc-Rob

Student Last Names: Sc-Z

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