Class of 2023

Junior Advisement Appointments


Junior Advisement Appointments

*IB Juniors will receive information about Junior Advisement from the IB Academic Advisors*


What is Junior Advisement?

All Juniors receive a 1-on-1 with their counselor and families are invited! These 25 min appointments will take place over October-December. 

Topics covered at the Junior Advisement Appts:


  • Courses needed for graduation in Jr & Sr years

  • Pathway after high school

  • Scholarships, NCAA, Majors, FAFSA and Colleges, if applicable

  • Register for elective courses for Senior year

Prior to your conference:

1. You have missed the timeline to schedule your own appointment for Junior Advisement. Your counselor will assign you an appointment based on their availability. You will be notified of your appointment date and time at a later time. Families are still encouraged to attend this appointment.

2. View Junior Jumpstart PowerPoint Presentation HERE if you did not participate in the live session. 

3.Complete "Junior Advisement Survey" in Naviance. Access the survey by:

"About Me" tab, Surveys, Surveys Not Completed, Junior Advisement Survey

4. Add 3 colleges or military branch(es) to your Naviance "I'm thinking about list". 


After your Jr. Advisement Appointment


See Action Items Document HERE

1. Elective Registration for your Senior year 2022-2023. 

3. Check out these resources: