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Off-Track Students

How to be an Ideal Student

  • Come to school.

  • When you are at school, be ready to learn.

  • Maintain good organization skills.

  • Write down or enter in your phone important class test/quiz or deadline dates.

  • When you don’t understand something, don’t give up. Ask for help!

  • Meet with your teacher before or after school to get extra help.

  • Enroll in STEM Spartan Academy to get extra help.

  • Utilize Power Hour to remediate in a subject where you need help.

  • Do as much work while in class so there is little left to take home.

  • Prepare for assessments—especially EOCs.

  • If you fail a class with a 60-69, do January or June Course Extension for FREE.

  • If you failed a class, enroll in Credit Recovery after school for $40.

  • Ask your counselor to set up a parent/teacher/student conference.

Ways to Graduate ON TIME

you can earn a cobb county diploma with these options.

  • After-School Credit Recovery at Campbell: $40, in Room 205, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45-5:45 pm.

  • Apply to Cobb Horizon: if accepted you must withdraw from CHS; diploma is from Cobb Horizon

CVA & GAVS would need to be taken in addition to your regular school day. 

Cobb Virtual School (CVA)

  • High School A or B course: $275 tuition

  • High School Y course: $550 tuition 

Georgia Virtual School (GAVS)Tuition:

  • High school A or B course: $250 tuition

  • High school AB course: $500 tuition


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