Welcome to Campbell High School!

Spartan Nation is welcomes you to our family! 

CHS Enrollment Appointment Hours
Monday-Friday 9am-12am
*While school is in session *

summer Enrollment Hours

& Info Coming Soon!

Steps for Enrollment

Step 1. Complete the Cobb County School District online enrollment & upload all necessary documents (Click HERE for required documents). 
Step 2: Make an appointment for virtual enrollment with Ms. Askew to ensure all necessary documents are processed.
Step 3: Meet with School Counselor via Zoom or phone to discuss course placement, elective choices, etc. It is important to have the student(s) present during step 3, if possible.

*If you are unable to participate in a virtual enrollment due to lack of connectivity or device or need assistance, please come to Campbell HS on Wednesdays between 9am and 11am.
*Si no puede participar en una inscripción virtual debido a la falta de conectividad o dispositivo o necesita asistencia, venga a Campbell HS los miércoles entre las 9 a.m. y las 11 a.m.